Summer Reading and Math Program Wenatchee

School Year Schedule

During the school year, FocalPoint is open when Wenatchee Schools are open.  We have decided to remain open Wednesday, March 7, when the Wenatchee School District has conferenced for some students.  

During the school year, FocalPoint closes on school holidays and record days.  If Wenatchee schools cancel due to inclement weather, FocalPoint is close, as well.  If after school activities are closed due to weather, students can opt to make up the session on another day.  

Summer Reading & Math at FocalPoint

Call or text (509) 662-9121 or email to reserve your spot.  

Would you like the school year to be easier?  Would you like your student to feel prepared and confident?  Success is good for your student, and FocalPoint has a plan to get you there:

FocalPoint students come twice per week for an hour each time.  We are open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:30am - 6:30pm in the summers.

You schedule your appointments at a time that is convenient for you.  But act fast, because we are enrolling now, and our slots will fill up quickly.

The student will complete a summer reading, writing and/or math curriculum that is appropriate to their grade level or ability level.  Our students return to school with their test scores up, which is a huge accomplishment.  Without a summer program, other students will lost the progress they worked so hard to obtain this school year.

Why work so hard just to lose it?

Easy for Parents
Each student will get a simple book and your summer assignment will be to complete one page, front and back, Monday through Friday.  This takes about 20 minutes.  Students will get awards each week for getting their work done, and we will give awards at the end of the summer for the students who finished the whole book.  The assignments are designed for parents who are not teachers, and answer keys are provided for you.  If your student has any trouble with a part of the book, you just bring it to us, and we will help the student with it.

Low Cost
Schedule in May and pay a $200 deposit.  Then your payments are just $195 a month for summer.

Everone wants to play in the sun, so take some time this summer to play in the sun.  We have scheduled a 2-week vacation into your program, which you may take any time you want.

With just a little, consistent effort, you can help your student achieve greater success next school year and beyond.

Message us today, and attend an orientation session Wednesday, May 17th, at 6:15 pm or Friday, May 19th at 5:30pm.
Summer Reading and Math Program Wenatchee